The Undead family is made up of passionate individuals, skating and non-skating, who care for one another and our league. Come meet some new friends!

If you’d like more information on joining Undead Roller Derby, email us at:!

Become a skater

Ready to play? Roller derby is an intense full-contact sport dedicated to the empowerment and fitness of its players. All people age 18 and up can participate, regardless of size and gender.

If you have yet to learn to skate, fear not! Most of our skaters started with little to no experience. We train up, and you will start with a group of skaters at your level.

Become an official

Welcome to the wonderful world of officiating—the team that always wins! Undead’s officiating crew is called the ZCU (Zombie Control Unit).

Referees are the backbone of roller derby! Without them, it’d just be a street fight on wheels. (Okay, that sounds cool to watch, but probably less fun to play.) We’re always looking for skaters to rock the zebra stripes.

Not a skater? We love to train non-skating officials to track that sweet, sweet data during our bouts. Please tell your recruiter that you’re interested in learning to officiate!

Become a volunteer

If you are uninterested in learning or unable to skate, contact us about becoming an Undead volunteer! There are numerous ways to get involved, and we’d love to find something that fits your interests and skills.

Volunteering is also an awesome way to “dip your toes” into the derby community if you’re feeling nervous or can’t start skating right away—come get involved in all the league shenanigans, from craft parties to movie nights!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I come and watch?

Come observe on a Sunday and learn what practice is really like, or come to one of our regular Recruitment Nights where we will have a recruiter present to answer all of your questions.

Practice Observation Days: Sundays 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. @ Paradise Skate Roller Rink in Antioch. Please contact for more info on observation nights.

Are there membership fees?

Yes, all skaters will pay $60 per month for dues. Think of it like a gym membership but with more hitting and fun outfits!

Dues help support the team by paying for rink fees and admin costs. NSOs, refs-in-training and volunteers do not pay monthly dues. URD is a nonprofit so all the funds go towards the league itself to bring you the best derby Antioch could hope for!

How does Undead Roller Derby support itself?

Roller derby, as a whole, is a volunteer based sport. Many leagues all around the world rely heavily on the passion and love of the sport from our skaters, coaches, refs, admins, and volunteers. URD utilizes skater dues, business sponsorships, merchandise sales, and home bout events to pay for all league expenses.

Every one is important to roller derby!

We are also a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and accept charitable donations.