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Our next upcoming scrimmage will be on May the Fifth Be With You!

So for all you Star Wars fans out there, make sure you don’t miss the fun! This is a black and white open scrimmage for all roller derby skaters with valid WFTDA or USARs insurance.

All genders and all bouting levels welcome! You must have passed your MSRs and be cleared to hit in order to skate for these scrimmages.

It’ll be a $5.00 drop in fee at the door and there will be fun, unique prizes available to win either as a raffle gift or an award! order lasix online uk!

Looking to officiate instead? We’d love to have you, buy lasix water pills online!


buy lasix online

Bouting level practice! Whether it be A, B, or C level – this is the practice where we get to work on derby-related drills (i.e. hitting, strategy, etc) but at a higher, more fast paced level.

All genders and levels are welcome – including Infected/Freshmeat looking to get more time in on their skates!

ABC Bouting Level / All Genders / $10.00 Drop In Fee

buy lasix online cheap

All level scrimmage practice! Bring your black and white scrimmage tops and get ready to play derby for two and a half hours straight!

All Levels / All Genders / $10.00 Drop In Fee

buy lasix overnight delivery

Bouting level practice! Whether it be A, B, or C level – this is the practice where we get to work on derby-related drills (i.e. hitting, strategy, etc) but at a higher, more fast paced level.

All genders and levels are welcome – including Infected/Freshmeat looking to get more time in on their skates!

ABC Bouting Level / All Genders / $10.00 Drop In Fee

buy lasix water pills

“Irish I was Skating”

Open scrimmage that’s a St. Patty’s Day theme! Make sure to bring your green & gold shirts and dress up to bring that Irish spirit!

All Levels / All Genders / $5.00 Drop In

Free to officials, referees, and volunteers.